Thursday, February 5, 2015

Firefighting Aptitude Test

Firefighting aptitude test involves the a written comprehension and the physical aptitude test .However since firefighting is basically an occupation that involves vigorous physical activities,it is essential to first prioritize the physical aptitude test in the fire fighting Aptitude test. The written comprehension firefighting aptitude test is equally important in terms of psychologically preparing the firefighting students on how to assess the emergency and situation at hand.The comprehensive aptitude test is mainly used to assess entry level students to prepare them for the firefighter examination.

Written comprehensive firefighting aptitude test mainly comprises of questions that are categorized into comprehensive and multiple answers questions.The comprehensive questions consists of stories that are similar to real life scenarios that are used to ensure that the firefighter student is able to understand and mostly visualize the situation therefore able to tackle fire breakout incidents.The particular fire fighter in this case is being assessed on the visualization concept of the fire accident and the measures the individual takes so as to guarantee a successful handling of the fire incident.

The other category of the written firefighting aptitude test is the multiple answer analysis which consists of brief stories of the fire accident incidents,questions related to the terminology used in firefighting activities regarding to the equipment and codes for communication purposes. In this case the firefighter is mainly being assessed on the general judgement of the situation and the prioritizing of action to be taken to ensure a successful handling of fire incidents.The assessors use the answers to assess the firefighter students by determining if the answer is within the assessing scope of correct and meaningful answers according to the questions being asked.

The physical aptitude test is the most vital part int he firefighting studies.This is because it mainly consists of practical experience of a real fire scenario by bring about a simulation of the work the firefighter undertake during emergencies in the fire rescue missions.It mostly gauges the physical fitness of the firefighter students on whether they can tolerate both physical and psychological stress so as to guarantee a suitable student for the firefighting career.These assessment are highly validated to guarantee quality standard recruits for the firefighting profession. 

During the physical assessment test the students wear protective gears similar those used in real life fire rescue emergencies.There are three stages that are divided into tasks.The first stage is the divided into two tasks where the first task is used to assess the students in searching within a visually hindered environment such as a room full of smoke.The second task is to ensure the students are capable to climb ladders thus assessing them on the accessibility into difficult to access accessible buildings.This particular stage of assessment is not timed since it is regarded as the basic knowledge for the assessment process.The second stage consists of several activities and is strictly time-assessed.

It involves tasks such as hose pipe dragging,handling of the rescue tools,climbing steps while carrying jerrycans and carrying the jerrycan on a single side position.The third and final stage involves the tasks of the fire attacking simulation and the rescue mission which is also timed so as to guarantee quick and effective response by the firefighters in times of actual scenarios thus assessment is highly determined by the time factor.

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